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A – Law Directory

  • The purpose of A – Law Directory is to provide users with reliable information and a compiled directory of Internet Legal resources and links to organisations offering assistance to the categorised law.
  • A – Law Directory is a centralised, fully searchable, online database of entities engaged in directory of law work throughout the world.
  • A – Law directory is a directory of lawyers attorneys solicitors and law firms world wide. Easy to understand basic knowledgebase, law/legal articles, resources and programs.
  • A – Law Directory allows organisations to provide a brief description of the directory of law thay carry out and web contact details.
  • A – Law Directory is a legal search engine robot (LawBot). A-Law directory uses programs called robots to gather web pages for indexing. Our Law Bot can follow links on pages they find, which makes them a form of intelligent agent. The process of following links is called spidering, wandering or gathering.
  • A – Law directory also includes all languages like Deutsch , Italiano, Francais, Turkish, ect.