Hello world! We are on air again :)

Hello world!

Welcome to our new version of web site. Since  2005-11-30 (more than 15 Years) we served the website as a web directory. But we changed the website script phplinkdirectory (PhpLd) to wordpress for more usable.  Running a website is an ongoing job, and we decided to convert as a blog…


There is no error or securiy problem at phplinkdirectory. It always updated. But if you use a directory script, unfortunately you have a poor content as link farm. Because of this stiuation we converted manually to wp. Now you can add articles, news, rss sources and links again…

If you want to look the previous version of a-law.org, you can use archive.org’s waybackmachine. For example:  


So, you can still suggest your website (and rss now) or article to any category by contact us.

Note: You can still find your links in our pages. Because we promised for lifetime 🙂

Best regards.

A-Law team.


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